Build your own bouquet kits

combine our reusable flowers with your favorite garden clips or shop finds



small byob kit

Small BYOB kits contain a small cluster of reusable blooms. Just add 3 to 6 of your favorite blooms to make a long-lasting petit re-arrangement. Favorite additions include:

  • 3 white roses for a fragrant bedside arrangement

  • a few bright sunflowers

  • a single hydrangea bloom - be sure to knick the stem multiple times or smash the end for maximum water absorption (those suckers are thirsty!)


large byob kit

Large BYOB kits contain five reusable blooms and greens. Add a half dozen roses or a small mixed arrangement for a welcoming centerpiece. When the organics fade, the reusables can sit on their own as a small arrangement. Other additions include:

  • clusters of cost-effective alstroemeria in complementary colors

  • a rainbow of tulips (add a penny to the water to help them last)

  • a dozen daffodils for a sunny display

  • lilacs and freesia in season

  • dried hydrangeas for a permanent arrangement

Our BYOB kits are sold at local fairs and by order. Look for us on etsy soon!